Our table

Here you can eat ! Our table

As you wish, you can restore to Aux trois maillets at our dinner table, which rhyme with authentic specialties, friendly and... home cooking. Breakfast and dinner are served on site.

Breakfast :

Jam for breakfast

Rich and varied, in English or French

The dinner (every day of the week except TUESDAY and THURSDAY)
On reservation for the evening of your arrival, the reservation is then made in the morning for evening.
In three mallets, specialities rhyme with user-friendliness(conviviality) and it is with a real pleasure that we welcome you in our table d'hôte for the dinner.
Every season brings its prize(lot) of ingredients and specialities, which arise from our family recipes(receipts), from products of the local truck farmers and from the stalls of the market.


On the menu at 25 €

  • Appetizer and an appetizer
    starter, main course, dessert, beverage choice.
  • Typical dishes
    Flamiche, terrines, Flemish stewu, rooster beer, grilled ...
  • The delicious French cheeses
    Maroilles, Mimolette, Avesnes balls, scented poignant, called "farmer", unearthed among small producers in the region.
  • Sweet desserts
    Crème brûlée, bread rail, tart North ...

Various drinks, with or without alcohol ; and our selection of beers produced in the regional breweries.